Welcome to Forest Schooled Virtual Community Fire

What is a Virtual Community Fire? It's a virtual gathering space for community and connection!

Hi! I'm Caylin. This is an online community for Forest Schooled!

What is Forest Schooled?

Forest Schooled is my blog and business which aims to support ongoing, reflective practice for educators just starting out, and those who are more experienced, in nature-rooted education approaches. I use the word “nature-rooted” to reflect the diversity of ways we learn and connect with the natural world (like Forest School, Nature-based education, Land-based learning, and more).

Why I wanted to create this group...

I live in Canada now but am from the US and spent many years in the UK. I created this group as a way to stay connected to all those I’ve met along the way, and to meet others who’d like to join this growing community too.

What this community is about...

This is a space for an international network of educators, teachers, as well as parents and caregivers to learn and reflect more deeply about the work we do - which is what I mean when I use the term “Forest Schooled”!

In this group I will share...

  • Updates about Forest Schooled, including professional learning opportunities and community events with me
  • Resources to support learning, connecting, and playing outdoors that prompt us to think more deeply and critically about why, what, and how we do things
  • Personal stories and anecdotes because, well, that’s just what I do!

Feel welcome to engage with this group by posting things like:

  • Questions
  • Your own stories and reflections
  • Resources (refer to the advertising/promotion “group agreement” before posting please!)
  • Words of encouragement - we all need them at some point!

There are 3 ways to join...

When building a fire the components may be different sizes, yet they are all just as important as each other. So ALL membership levels receive access to this community space. 

  1. Birch bark
  2. Firewood (receive a copy of Forest Schooled, The e-Book)
  3. Sparks (receive a copy of Forest Schooled, The e-Book & a limited edition Forest Schooled Notebook)

"Birch bark" is free. The paid options will help support Forest Schooled's scholarship fund because I believe everyone deserves access to learning. If you're in a position to give more please consider the "Firewood" and "Sparks" options (and take note of the gifts you'll receive from me in return 😊🌿)

All 3 plans give you the chance to try everything out for free. Those who continue on with the paid plans will receive their gifts.

Group agreements...

This community is for active engagement and discussion in a safe and supportive environment. It takes all of us to ensure this is possible! Before joining, check in and make sure the following apply to you:

  • I want to be an active member of this community
  • I want to help create an encouraging online space for all
  • I look forward to making friends and joining a diverse community from all over the world

If you say yes to all the above, please sign up and review the full Group Agreements post once you're logged in. Welcome!

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